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The Thunderstruck 2 Slot

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With Microgaming's original Thunderstruck slot being such a cult game since it's release in 2003, the moment Microgaming announced the release of Thunderstruck 2 back at the ICE show in London in January 2010, slots players started anticipating it's arrival. Microgaming launched the game on the 4th May, 2010 and it has since become a firm favourite although personally speaking, the original is still my favourite!

Thunderstruck 2 is a very different game to the original and at it's heart has 4 free spin features that have to be unlocked. They are probably similar interms of long-term payout but they undoubtedly alter the variance of the slot depending on which you pick.

If, like me, you are a fan of the original Thunderstruck slot, you'll probably be wondering what to expect? The original slot game is one of the most popular online slots ever, and it's easy to see why. They got the graphics and sounds right and balanced it with gameplay that keeps you interested with the potential for some big wins.

The bet limit for Thunderstruck 2 is $15 a spin by default although if you are a high roller then a few casinos, including the well-regarded Royal Vegas Casino, upped the max bet to $30 in September 2012. These are the main features of the game:

1. The slot has 243 paylines.
2. Styled more like Tombraider II slot than the old Thunderstruck
3. It has 4 different free spin bonus rounds
4. Up to 6x multiplier and 25 free spins
5. Random Wild Storm feature introduces stacked wilds in the base game.

Immortal Romance: A Thunderstruck 2 Clone!

Fans of Thunderstruck 2 might also be interested in another slot from Microgaming called Immortal Romance which is a higher variance clone of TS2. It's available at all of the casinos listed on this website and it uses the same engine as the Thunderstruck 2 slot with 4 free spin features. The features are a bit different in the way they work but the similarities are obvious.

Also worth mentioning is Microgaming's June 2012 slot release, The Dark Knight which is obviously themed on the Batman movie. The eye-candy on show in that game even makes Thunderstruck 2 and Immortal Romance seem dated! All 3 slots are available at all the casinos on this website.

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Thunderstruck II vs The Original

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As expected, the new Thunderstruck 2 plays significantly differently from the original Thunderstruck slot and should be regarded as a totally new slot game. Don't expect more of the same. Is this good or bad? Hard to say. It depends if you like low-risk "win a bit" slots or higher risk "win a lot" slots. The latter can get very expensive as you hit long mean streaks that can eat your bankroll. Thunderstruck 1 can do that and do it a lot! Thunderstruck 2 is lower variance - lower risk - and your money will last longer, you'll see more features and probably have more fun...but you will very, very rarely get a win that makes you go "yeah!".

If you are looking for entertainment and are happy to quite when you have doubled your money, then the Thunderstruck 2 slot gives you the better chance. If you can put up with long sessions where not a lot happens, but there is the chance of a huge hit, then the original Thunderstruck slot is better. Me...I like both in equal measures.

Where Can You Play Thunderstruck 2?

I play at 32Red Casino but the following casinos also have TS 2:

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Play Thunderstruck 2 Now at Lucky Nugget Casino

Where to Play Thunderstruck 2 Slots

Thunderstruck 2 - All The Features (Video)

About The Free Spin Features

There are 4 seperate free spin features in the Thunderstruck 2 slot and when you trigger the feature with 3 or more "bonus" scatters you get to pick which one you want. Well that said, you have to unlock them first so for the first 5 times you hit the feature, you just get offered the 10 free spins at 5x one.

To be honest, there is no significant advantage to any of the 4 free spin features by comparison. All they really do is descrease/increase the volatility of Thunderstruck 2. The 10 free spins at 5x is the most volatile of the four I would say, the Loki Wilds feature is next, Odin's Raven feature next then the lowest in terms of volatility is the "rolling reels" feature. The fact you get more free spins with each one only generally means it drags out the same size win for a bit longer but it does make the Thunderstruck II slot more interesting. For the record, my favourites are the Loki Wild feature when I am on a roll or the Rolling Reel feature when my bankroll looks depleted!

Fans of Microgaming's popular slot tournaments might also like to know that Thunderstruck II has been added to the tourney module. More information on these along with details on how to register and play is available on my Slot Tournaments site.

Thunderstruck 2 Paytables

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